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Welcome to the META Party website.  The Party is built on a foundation of simple yet sound ideas meant to benefit all members of society.  The META party is a way to break up the current two party dominated system through competition and choice.  If you like what you read, please forward the link.

Would you enter a poker tournament short stacked?
Would you play in a tennis match where the double lanes are in bounds for your opponent?
Do you want to play golf against someone who is allowed to take two strokes off every hole?
Why then, do we tolerate an election system that is inherently unfair?

Issue #1 Increase Competition and Choice in Politics

Political choice has been stymied for too long in America.  In many states, voters only have a single party to represent their numerous views.  Any and all options to inject competition and choice in politics will be explored and implemented.  This includes carving out a space for third parties to exist.  One example is to change primaries to be open to voters of any affiliation and to have more than one politician per party running on the primary ballot.  Duverger's Law states that plurality or "winner take all" voting tends to favor a two party system.  Initiatives will be in place to explore different ways to vote such as Ranked Voting or Approval Voting.  The META party will push for legislation on campaign finance reform, debate inclusion, gerrymandering, and ballot access. 

Issue #2 Reduce Unemployment

It is a universal belief that every citizen should have an opportunity to find work.  The percentage of Americans mentioning economic issues as the Nation's most important problem is well over fifty percent.  Putting people back to work is an issue that Americans care deeply about.   The META Party's primary mandate is to establish an environment that will produce more American jobs.  A healthy economy transcends political parties and benefits all citizens.
Create META Party Platform by Voter Survey of Issues

For remaining platform issues, META Party members will be surveyed issue by issue, as if ordering off a menu.  Unlike today, every member will have a choice of political ideas from a variety of viewpoints.  Members may select either Democrat, Republican, or a third party idea to reflect their views.  The survey will be administered in each Congressional District every two years.  The results of the survey will serve as the platform for representatives of their respective region.  Differing views are not only tolerated but expected to occur within the META Party.  Constituents from the North East region can and will have different views than the constituents from the West Coast region.  Politicians elected from the META Party will cast their vote in Congress based on empirical evidence gathered from their constituents' views.  As opposed to forcing the party to fit the people, surveys allow the people to decide the platform.


The META Party will create online resources and educational brochures to assist citizens in understanding the platform issues. Voters should know where each party stands in order to make an informed decision.

Rigorous Debate of All Issues

Formal debate is a way for voters to hear both sides of a political issue.  Debating is an excellent way to bring facts and logic to bear on the pros and cons of any issue.  Debates can take place both online and in person.  Voters are able to make better informed decisions based on the outcome of debate resolutions.

Normal Distribution

The extreme members of the two major parties pit citizens against each other.  The yellow and red areas of the curve to the left represent left of center voters.  The yellow and red areas on the right represent right of center voters.  The blue part of the normal curve in the middle represents the majority of people.  This consensus view point is largely ignored by both parties. 

In summary, the top issues of the META Party, competition, choice and the reduction of unemployment, are universal beliefs that cross all party lines.  The remaining platform planks are decided on across Congressional Districts by reaching a consensus amongst voters as determined by a survey of issues. 

This is an outline of a political party that will one day come into existence.   It also provides a blueprint on how to construct any new third party.  The idea is simple, choose a few anchor issues and leave the balance of the platform up for the will of the people to decide.  Unsuccessful third parties can adopt this template to gain more votes.

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