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Optimus Platform "Third Party Rider"

Optimus Party members believe the answer to America's political problems is to create competition and choice in politics, beyond what the current two party system offers.  The party's primary objective is to level the playing field for third parties, giving them a fair shot to win elections.  Unfortunately, under the current structure, third parties are set up to fail.  Elected party representatives will fight aggressively to push through election reforms that will create a space for the Optimus Party and other competing third parties to flourish.

Further, the Optimus Party urges every voter to tell Democratic and Republican candidates running for elected office to adopt the "Third Party Rider".

Table 1: Third Party Rider
Issue Platform Reference
Ranked-Choice, Range or Approval Voting Replace the "winner take all" majority vote with an alternative voting system.
Campaign Finance Reform End reliance on special interest donors to pay for campaigns and candidates.
Open Primaries Allow all voters to take part and cast votes on the ballot of any party.
Ballot Access Create a less restrictive ballot access.  Enact a single standard for the whole nation.
Debate Inclusion Promote the creation of an alternative presidential debate that allows third party candidates.
Gerrymandering Use an independent panel for redistricting.

The Optimus Platform is "User Defined"

A survey determines the remaining platform planks.  Party members select the best idea from either the Optimus, Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian party.  Elected Optimus representatives will align themselves with the party whose issue receives the most votes, including ideas outside of its own party platform.

The "W" in Table 2 below represents winning ideas.  The hypothetical results show how many Optimus party members voted for each issue, displayed as a percentage.  The ideas with the most votes are used to construct the Optimus platform.

Optimus: Please see table below.

Table 2: Survey of Voter Issues
Issue Optimus
Democratic Republican Libertarian
Jobs Create American jobs.
Budget Balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.
5% 13% 7%
Education School choice.  Voucher system.
W-62% 12% 10%
Foreign Policy Military force only as a last resort.
18% W-37% 10%
Health Care Leave insurance to the free market. 
37% W-42% 13%
Immigration Path to citizenship.  Secure the borders.
7% 8% W-70%
Remaining Issues...
Optimus Party platform view.
10% 10% 20%

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  1. Ranked choice voting would help third parties be able to compete without being called "spoilers," but the best way to ensure that all viewpoints gain actual representation is by supporting proportional representation, or fair representation voting. There have been a few great products on this from FairVote recently, including this video: and this report: (scroll down to Chapter 3).

    Most other countries use some kind of proportional voting, and it would have enormous benefits in the U.S. for third parties and for politics in general.